C. L. Stewart's New Book 'Clementine's Hero *** the Red Wolf' is a Collection of Two Gripping Tales Set Within the Magical Fantasy World of Amaranthia

Fulton Books author C. L. Stewart, a proud mother and wife who has been writing and telling stories her entire life, has completed her most recent book "Clementine's Hero *** The Red Wolf": a collection of two stories set within the world of Amaranthia.

Describing the first of two stories, "Clementine's Hero," Stewart writes, "Like the Phoenix, Clementine found her hero when she was a silent little girl. Robert picked her up the first time and told her he would protect her. As they grow older, outside influences and misunderstandings have them growing apart, leaving them both feeling they have lost the other. Robert faces a hard lesson that brings him to his knees and feeling lost and broken. Clementine knows she must do something to get her hero back."

Stewart continues, "'The Red Wolf' takes us to the Wolf Realm of Hidden Prairie. Willow has been all but abandoned by her family, left in the hands of her stepmother and stepsister who hate and abuse her. She knows how to be invisible and spends her time writing books about the famed Red Wolf.

"She meets Lord Sebastian at a town meeting, and the two enjoy an evening of conversation. Sebastian is called away during the night, and Willow is blamed and punished for him leaving. A scarred Willow hides herself away from the world.

"Sebastian is finally able to go looking for the beautiful Willow and learns she is missing. Finding the gray-eyed beauty is all he can think about, but there are those that wish to destroy Willow and keep her from learning that she is the Red Wolf."

Published by Fulton Books, C. L. Stewart's book will take readers on two unforgettable journeys full of fully realized characters as they explore the incredible world Stewart has built in the stories of Amaranthia.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase "Clementine's Hero *** The Red Wolf" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books