Christeena M. Creager's New Book 'The July Rustler' is an Audacious Tale Set in the American West, Where Damsels Aren't Always in Distress, and Bad Guys Aren't Always in Black.

Christeena M. Creager, a writer who is passionate about agriculture and western lifestyle, has completed her most recent book “The July Rustler”: a thrilling and romantic tale that explores the notion that the wrong thing can be done for the right reason, and the right thing for the wrong reasons.

Christeena Creager is a new author. She has a unique voice and writing style. What makes her writing style unique is that she does not set up a story prior to writing it. The character development and plot development are a surprise to her while she is writing as much as they are to the reader as they enjoy the fantastic stories. She says, “I prefer to let a character tell me who they are and what their story is, rather than me telling the character who they are and what their story is.”

Published by Fulton Books, Christeena M. Creager’s book is a fantastic tale of self-discovery. Set in 1873 Wyoming, the story follows a year in the life of a young woman, Bethy, and an outlaw, Jesse. However, everything is not as it appears. This is not a typical tale of a cunning cowboy and a damsel in distress. In this story, hidden motivations run rampant, and missed details cause epic downfalls. There is no such thing as a reliable narrator or a truthful character; everyone is hiding something, and everyone has a motive or agenda.

In this story, the line that separates a hero from a villain can easily blur until it is nonexistent. This is a tale of love, lust, duty, downfall, injustice, and self-discovery. In this story, a wrong decision can put a life on the line, and one’s worst character trait could cost them everything. Secrets, lies, and mistrust are everywhere.

Readers who wish to experience this surprising and unforgettable work can purchase “The July Rustler” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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