Coach Barnes' New Book 'The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma' is a powerful tool for reclaiming one's story and experiencing a healthy mindset

Fulton Books author Coach Barnes, the founder and chief executive officer of Gold Mind Thoughts™ Leadership Development and Life Coaching Services, has completed her most recent book "The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma": a unique and intuitive guide for finding the light in one's life despite the challenges one faces and taking control of one's own future.

"In this book, you'll learn quick and accessible techniques to recondition your mind so that you can experience healthier thoughts and more positive emotions; a host of strategies to help navigate your emotions; practical exercise and thought-provoking reflection questions to push and elevate your thinking for the better; how to rewrite your story to take control over the narrative of your experience with trauma and reclaim your life; and much more," writes Barnes.

"'The Recondition' was written as a road map to guide your journey on the way to self-love. Outcomes are immediate, doable, and low cost with a huge instant impact on your mental and emotional well-being.

"So if you are ready to reclaim your space, emotions, overall well-being, and start loving yourself today, this book is for you!"

Published by Fulton Books, Coach Barnes' book will aid readers of all backgrounds to become better in tune with their emotional being, resulting in a more positive outlook and a better understanding of what one needs to find spiritual fulfillment in life.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase "The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books