Feather Redfox's New Book "Rose Crone Guide: An Interactive Adventure in Living Beyond the Possible" is a Guide to Living Life to the Fullest and Making Time an Ally

Feather Redfox, a gifted writer and dedicated author, has completed her most recent book “Rose Crone Guide: An Interactive Adventure in Living Beyond the Possible”:  an invaluable guide to creating some chaos and using time to live life beyond the bounds of possibility.

Published by Fulton Books, Feather Redfox’s book describes how, as a Rose Crone, an older woman, or one of any age, you sometimes feel that the time for living dreams is running out? With the help and guidance of the author, the reader can make time their ally, and find their Sacred Core, the real truth of who they are!

The author invites each reader to take this incredible interactive journey. Try dressing with Sacred Adornment, and truly SEEING your own individual Beauty. Create specific maps and newly empowered Spiritual Compass. Learn to Live Beyond the Possible and create a spiritual business plan to help manifest those unreachable dreams. Rose Crones are NOT the useless refuse Patriarchy would have the masses believe. They are Women of Power, Wise Ones, and it is time to LIVE that and FLY! Readers will learn to change themselves and they will change the world!

Readers who wish to experience this life changing work can purchase “Rose Crone Guide: An Interactive Adventure in Living Beyond the Possible” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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