"I Am Raor" an Unbelievably True Story About an African Lion Cub Growing Up in Chicago With a Human Pride.

“I Am Raor,” is a charming story about a unique human, Charlie and his friend, a male African lion cub.  They completed their recent book, “I Am Raor,” with Raor telling his story.  It is an eye-opening look at the life of an African lion growing up in Chicago under the watchful and attentive eye of an amazing man.

Published by Fulton Books, Raor and Charlie’s book, “I Am Raor vividly details Raor’s life.  Beginning with Raor being taken from his mother, sold to a tourist to Charlie finding him and becoming a part of Charlie’s family and pride.  

Raor is an African lion cub.  He ended up in the United States because of animal poaching.  His first owner had no idea how to care for an animal like him.  He placed an ad in a newspaper.  Charlie loved all animals, and while working at an animal hospital decided to answer the ad.  This happy story is how Raor came to live with Charlie.  This extraordinary duo became an inseparable team and created their own rules.  They formed a new pride with Charlie’s family and friends.  

This book is a stunning and unexpected glance into the everyday workings of living with an African lion in an American city- Chicago.  Accompanied are countless actual photos showing Raor and Charlie’s daily activities.  

Readers who wish to experience a true “follow your dreams and your heart,” will find this book mesmerizing and incredible. “I Am Raor” is available for purchase at bookstores everywhere, online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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