J. Brenda's New Book "Moonluck: The Fighting Rooster" is the Story of a Little Boy and His Beloved Pet Rooster That Teaches Young Readers How to Say Goodbye.

Newest publication "Moonluck: The Fighting Rooster" from Fulton Books author J. Brenda is the story of a little boy named Tran and his pet rooster named Moonluck. When Tran is forced to move to the city, he must learn to say goodbye to his best friend.

J. Brenda never had children of her own, but she took care of many other children throughout her life. She believes that everything, living and nonliving, has a secret and a story to tell. J. Brenda has completed her most recent book “Moonluck: The Fighting Rooster”: the story of a little boy and his beloved pet rooster that teaches young readers how to say goodbye.

“This is a story of a young boy who falls in love with a winged, wild, and free animal. He does not know that the fun will be short-lived, but it will be happy and always remembered.” --J. Brenda

Published by Fulton Books, J. Brenda’s book teaches young readers how to say goodbye to the things they love.

There was a little boy named Tran who lived in a tiny village near a rainforest in Southeast Asia. While walking home from school one day, Tran discovers a lost chick. He decides to keep the baby chicken as a pet and names it Moonluck.

Moonluck grows up to become a beautiful rooster. When Moonluck is attacked by a wild rooster, Tran saves him. When Tran is wrestling with a schoolmate, Moonluck thinks they are fighting and comes to Tran’s defense, however, the rooster realizes they were only playing when the boys burst into laughter. Moonluck and Tran become best friends. Sadly, Tran learns he must move to the city where there is no room for pet chickens. They will have to learn how to say goodbye.

Readers who wish to experience this heartwarming work can purchase “Moonluck: The Fighting Rooster” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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