Joeie-Heather Hurray's New Book 'One Alpha, Two Lunas' is a Spellbinding Novel That Follows a Girl's Quest in Awakening Her Highest Potential

Fulton Books author Joeie-Heather Hurray, an effective storyteller, has completed her most recent book "One Alpha, Two Lunas": a paranormal coming-of-age story that will certainly hook the readers from the get-go. The story is about Rayne, who grew up in an abusive environment. Her childhood was filled with trials and tragedies. After getting abandoned by her supposed family, she finds herself entangled with the werewolves and witches. In that extraordinary world, Rayne awakened her powers and attracted a lot of enemies. Will she ever achieve the peace that she longs for or will she end up losing herself in the long run?

Hurray shares, "Rayne was a tortured child lost among the sins of her family, broken and abused. Through the trials and pain, she faced she grew stronger, finding herself in a world that only existed in the books she learned to love. Tragedy after tragedy, abandoned by those who were meant to protect her, she fell into the world of werewolves and witches.

"Not only was Rayne different from most of the people she knew, but she was also powerful. Her gifts and her strength would prove to be the blessing and the curse she never wanted but always needed. When she finds herself drawn to the bold company of Nathan, an Alpha with looks to kill, she couldn't help but wonder if her path was always destined to cross with his.

"Life for Rayne is filled with twists and turns. Nothing is ever easy despite her desire to live in peace. While finding herself and where she belongs, Rayne meets a woman that defies all the laws of werewolves and their mates. She finds her trio, someone both Nathan and Rayne fall for faster than they imagined was possible. Is she what she seems? Or is this second Luna the one who destroys it all?"

Published by Fulton Books, Joeie-Heather Hurray's book is a stunning volume that will make readers crave for more. Everything is seamlessly done, from the plot, characters, and world-building. 

Hurray's work is a sure page-turner.

Readers who wish to experience this beguiling work can purchase "One Alpha, Two Lunas" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books