Lewis Hale's New Book 'Riding the Dirt Bike Evolution' is a Brilliant Recollection of the Challenges of Early Dirt Bikes and the Changes as Decades Pass

Lewis Hale, a lifelong lover of all things mechanical, an off-road motorcycle rider, a Charter Life Member of the American Motorcyclist Association; has completed his most recent book “Riding The Dirt Bike Evolution”: a gripping and potent compilation of stories that retell the various challenges of dirt bike way back when technological advancements are yet to arrive.

Lewis writes, “It’s that thing when you see yourself riding through town on your street bike with the wind blowing in your hair and your beautiful girlfriend riding behind, wearing only shorts, sandals, and a halter top. Sounds like fun? Sure does! But someday you may want something different. It’s that thing as you are taken back into the 1950s—just as Japan began sending low-cost fun-loving motorcycles to the US. With the 1960s came a new motorcycling challenge—the introduction of Europe’s exhausting sport of motocross. This collection of short stories will take you through years of “The Dirt Bike Evolution” when motorcyclists across America were being introduced to various forms of racing on dirt courses, sandy trails, and mountain paths. You will experience the challenges of traveling to these events. Each decade has brought advances in technology and development of the dirt bike. Today X Games performers are doing double flips in the air on these high-tech machines to the excitement of their stadium-filled audiences. Travel along to the southeast as these fictional sportsmen racers pursue their passion of riding and racing into seven decades.”

Published by Fulton Books, Lewis Hale’s book brings profound tales that takes the readers back in time and into the years of evolution of the Dirt Bike sport. This will let them experience how this sport was in the early days and how it gradually changes as years go by.

Readers who wish to experience this great work can purchase “Riding The Dirt Bike Evolution” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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