Madison Hinko's New Book 'Called to Dragons Nest' is a Fantasy Novel That Deals With Weighing the Good and the Bad

Madison Hinko, an excellent writer of plays and short stories, has completed her most recent book “Called To Dragons Nest”:  a gripping and potent fiction that follows the venture of an army’s female leader as she and other young adults battle the wars of the world and of self.

Madison writes, “This novel chronicles the journey of an adolescent girl, from her living innocently in a virtual paradise to leading an army in a rebellion. The fantasy storyline features dragons and their people, who possess magical powers to make and control fire. At its core, though, this story is about a group of young adults who struggle to do the right thing when confronted by unspeakable evil. The lead character, Rose, endures physical hardships and both mental and emotional anguish on her journey. Throughout the journey, one question persists: Can she save her kind by betraying them?

"In the same way that Rose is called to Dragons Nest to fulfill her destiny, we each are called to stop oppression, discrimination, and exclusion.”

Published by Fulton Books, Madison Hinko’s book is a page-turning narrative that features a tale about identifying the good from the evil and questioning their existence in today’s time.

With a strong and brave protagonist, this adventure will bring thrill to readers of all ages.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase “Called To Dragons Nest” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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