Marisela D. Garza's New Book "Rebekitalocks and the Three Peñas" is a Story of a Little Girl Who Goes Looking for a Friend to Play With. She Makes Some Bad Choices but by a Change in Her Actions, Becomes a Good Citizen

Marisela D. Garza, bilingual writer and gifted children’s author, has completed her very first book “Rebekitalocks and The Three Peñas” or in Spanish “Rebekita Ricitos y Los Tres Peñas,”  a modern and charming take on a very familiar fairytale of home invasion and learning to take responsibility for one’s actions.

Growing up, Marisela spoke English & Spanish.  She says, “I grew up in a bilingual home, so I hope to translate all of my books and ideas in Spanish. I love being around kids of all ages and hope that my books and ideas will continue to inspire children and adults for generations to come.”

Self-Published through Fulton Books, Marisela D. Garza’s book tells the story of a little girl names Rebakitalocks, who is searching for a friend to play with.  With no luck she enters the Peñas’ house without permission and makes herself at home until the Peñas get home and are about to call the police!

Rebekitalocks runs home to tell her parents, apologizes and makes things right. By change in her actions she makes new friends.   Readers will also learn what it means to be a bad citizen and a good citizen by Rebekitalocks’ actions.  

Readers who wish to read this modern day Goldilocks story can purchase “Rebekitalocks and The Three Peñas” or in Spanish “Rebekita Ricitos y Los Tres Peñas,” online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble in English or Spanish.  Also available on EBay.

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Source: Fulton Books


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