Mark McDowell's New Book "Nauscentrism: Answers to the Mystery Questions of Life" is an Exceptional Work Delving Into Theories Regarding Life, the Universe, and Beyond.

Mark McDowell, a teacher and theorist, has completed his most recent and quite fascinating book “Nauscentrism: Answers to the Mystery Questions of Life.” Nauscentrism take one on an enthralling journey into logic, religion, physics, and philosophy for an overarching examination of the contingency of life from a purely objective and logical perspective.

Published by Fulton Books, Mark McDowell’s book illuminates the quest for answers to the age-old questions about life, an afterlife, and the universe. Learn of considerations that make previous theories just not work and how the most important consideration has been left out—one’s personal existence.

As McDowell puts it, “Answers to the great mysteries of life should not be as elusive as people imagine. It should be clear that if one begins with an indisputable observation, then truthful deductions will follow so long as one remains logically consistent and completely unbiased. And, there is one observation that illuminates everything—existing as a conscious being, and more importantly, existing as a conscious being right now would be mathematically impossible if it were not absolutely necessary to be alive. Neither invoking the creation of a god nor scientific evolution can explain one’s present personal existence against all mathematical odds. It is through this realization that all can be rationally deduced. If it were possible to be dead, you would be dead right now. So, why are we alive against all odds? The answer is nauscentrism, made up of the ancient Greek word “naus” for mind and “centric” what everything centers on. The universe and people’s lives revolve on having to have a personal consciousness. Life is inescapable.”

The topic is presented in a very balanced manner—addressing so many “sides” of the issue that it’s almost dizzying. The writing is strong, and the ideas compelling. Nauscentrism fills a gap left by most other books on the topic, that of walking through disparate theories given by both religion and science and providing an intellectually consistent alternative. Nauscentrism also expands on a number of items of curiosity that are neglected in other books on the topic, such as the possibility of parallel universes and what role, if any, human consciousness plays in the formation of the universe.

Lastly, this book also does something that has been missing for years; as the topic has “aged,” the books being written have become increasingly academic. This book brings the topic back to a reasonable level of common understanding and ties it back to thoughts and experiences everyone has had at one time or another.

Readers who wish to experience this thought provoking work can purchase “Nauscentrism: Answers to the Mystery Questions of Life” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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