Mark Russell's New Book 'Poetic Confessions of a Winner! Becoming a Winner Before Winning' is a Beautiful Compilation of Insight and Poetry, Sure to Empower the Reader.

Mark Russell, an incredibly gifted Writer of Insight and Poetry, has completed his most recent book “Poetic Confessions of a Winner! Becoming a Winner before Winning”: a stunning and expressive assortment of truth, discernment, and poetry each crafted with the power to evoke a positive and winning outlook on life.

Mark says that, “Becoming a winner has nothing to do with personal achievements, accomplishment, titles, or some superior status of living. When you have truly discovered the creator of your being and allow him to resonate his presence within you—you are successful! Please go and win the game, but don’t let it define you. You are already a winner before you win.”

Published by Fulton Books, Mark Russell’s book inspires the discovery of the created winners each and everyone already is. The revelation of biblical scriptures, the enlightening thoughts, and inspiring poetry all promote volumes of encouragement to uplift our thinking.

Readers will realize and awaken themselves to the truth that true happiness in life is knowing who they are and the purpose of their existence.

It is the unlocking of our God-given potential and finding the joy out of the journey of building character through learning and every experience we must face in life. Everyone can be happy and fulfilled right now! Even before we have attained any sought out specific goals or levels of achievements.

When an individual discovers who they really are and step into it, they will then recognize that they are a winner in spite of whether or not they have won something. And no failures or faults on this earth will ever again validate them otherwise.

Readers who wish to experience this truly inspirational work can purchase “Poetic Confessions of a Winner! Becoming a Winner before Winning” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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