Natoya Perkins' New Book 'Nina and Anna: A Friend to Call My Own' is a touching tale of two lonely rabbits who look past their differences and become best friends

Fulton Books author Natoya Perkins, who received a bachelor's degree in primary education at the International University of the Caribbean in Jamaica and holds a lifelong passion for storytelling, has completed her most recent book "Nina and Anna: A Friend to Call My Own": a charming and captivating story on the difficulties some children have in making friends, and the importance of accepting others despite how different they might be.

"Nina the rabbit from Bell Town has a problem: she is kind, very shy, and has no friends to call her own," writes Perkins. "Determined as she is, she goes outside each day, hoping that one day she will find her new best friend. Each time Nina tries to make friends, she finds herself returning home crying and telling her mama what is happening with her.

"In another town, Anna, the bold, friendly, and energetic rabbit from Carrotsville who you sure think has lots of friends, is just in the same situation as Nina. They both are from different towns and have no friends even though they both are wonderful rabbits," writes Perkins.

"Will Nina find a best friend to call her own? Or will she change who she is to have friends to call her own?

This story presents a closer look on how a child who struggles to have friends can be emotionally affected whether positively or negatively, depending on how a parent listens, nurtures, and encourages their child. Also, sometimes people may judge you by how different you look or act. But no matter how different you are, we all deserve to have friends."

Published by Fulton Books, Natoya Perkins' book is an excellent learning tool for young readers who may find it difficult to make new friends and delivers a heartwarming message on the power friendship can have on one's self-esteem.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase "Nina and Anna: A Friend to Call My Own" at select bookstores, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books