Santo Soto's New Book 'The Rapture, Fiction or Reality?' is the Author's Passionate Plea With Fellow Christians to Change Their Ways, and Make Ready to Meet the Lord.

Santo Soto, a born-again Christian and gifted writer, has completed his most recent book “The Rapture, Fiction or Reality?”: an intriguing and uplifting work that argues the truth of The Rapture, and devotedly states the need for the world to rub the sleep from its eyes and prepare for the end of days.

Soto says this book was born of Biblical inspiration. He says, “Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I have written this book to alert the unbeliever and to warn the lukewarm Christian to make a heart sincere change that yields the kind of Christian that lives and makes a difference in this ungodly world.”

Published by Fulton Books, Santo Soto’s book details the author’s early life in Delaware. Then in the late 1960's her mother became a widow and moved to Puerto Rico with the family. Soto was raised in a country house under extreme economic limitations. In high school, a friend of his introduced him to the salvation plan and to Jesus as savior.

He moved on to college and completed a degree in health science and a three-year biblical / theology seminar with the Assembly of God in Puerto Rico. In 1991 He moved back to the states to continue his career.

Soto says, “Ever since having this life-changing experience with the Lord I have understood the need to live, cultivate and practice my faith in every aspect of my life. I strongly believe I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this book to alert the unbeliever and to encourage Christians to self-examine their Christian lives so they can live a pleasing life to the Lord. I believe the Rapture, though seems a fictional concept, it is on its way to becoming a fact that will rock the core of all days. Those ready will be part of an exclusive group of believers chosen by the Lord himself!”

Readers who wish to experience this reverent work can purchase “The Rapture, Fiction or Reality?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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