Shane Simon's New Book "The Catfish Farm" is the Telling of the Author's Youth, and His Growing Up in a World of Segregation and the Joys He Found Along the Way.

Shane Simon, a gifted author and dedicated writer has completed his most recent book “The Catfish Farm”:  a wonderful telling of how it was to grow up in segregated Louisiana, and how the author handled every aspect with a touch of humor and sass.

Shane describes himself as a simple guy with a great sense of humor. He says, “I live life with passion in everything I do. My favorite quote is this: “I don’t do anything halfway.” I’m old-fashioned and still believe in things like honor and trust. Hard work still pays off.”

Published by Fulton Books, Shane Simon’s book is an instantly enveloping story of a young man learning about the world and himself in a time of turmoil and chaos.  

Shane Simon grew up in Louisiana in the time of segregation and racial tensions.  However, he handled himself with true spunk and sass.  His story is joyous and sad, uplifting and eye-opening, and ultimately lovable.  

Readers will immediately be drawn into a culture, into a period of history that had to be lived and witnessed to appreciate fully.  Shane shares the highs and lows of childhood and captivates his audience with style.

Readers who wish to experience this unforgettable work can purchase “The Catfish Farm” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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