Tracy Hunter's New Book "Under the Mango Tree" is the Story of a Young Girl With an Amazing Imagination and Insatiable Spark as She Explores Her Family's Island Home.

Tracy Hunter, a creative and gifted children’s author, has completed her most recent book “Under the Mango Tree”:  a delightful and imaginative story of a young girl visiting her Hawaiian family and the engaging and winsome adventures she has as she creates personas for the animals around her.

Tracy says that particular book was inspired by her father who was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii.  Tracy shares, “As a child, I really did spend many summers going to Hawaii with my grandmother to visit family there. My uncle had a huge mango tree in his backyard, and he would let me pick them just as the girl in the story does. I wanted a children's book that brought out fantasy and imagination for children, as well as taught them something. I have a love for animals and nature, and so I decided to combine trees and animals. My intention is to create a series that will always relate to personal experiences with a different kind of tree and the animals that inhabit them.”

Published by Fulton Books, Tracy Hunter’s book describes the island adventures of a young girl while she visits her family in the Hawaiian Islands.  

In her Grandfather’s backyard she discovers a family of Hoary bats and begins to imagine what conversations they have with each other, and she begins to piece together their personalities and enjoys their antics, as well as learning all about them.  

The author feels that the message to her book is simple. She says, “Use your imagination, dreaming is a good thing, be curious, and go learn from it, and it is OK that things in life are not always permanent. It just might mean there is something better around the corner, so don't stop looking.”

Readers who wish to experience this creative and captivating work can purchase “Under the Mango Tree” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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