Victor Udo's New Book 'Which Way Nigeria?' is a Brilliant and Patriotic Call to Transform Nigeria's Structure and Leadership for Equitable Sustainable Development

​Victor Udo, a former chief executive officer (CEO) and senior government official in Nigeria, a Fortune 500 corporate leader and now the director of sustainability at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, USA, has completed his premier critical social inquiry book “Which Way Nigeria?”: a gripping and potent guide for Nigerian citizens, investors and friends. It calls on the readers to take individual, collective and institutional transformative actions for local-to-global social sustainability, technological sustainability and environmental sustainability in Nigeria.

Victor writes, “After several years of civilian, military, quasi-military and quasi-civilian attempts at national leadership with subsequent structural experimentations, Nigeria remains underdeveloped with constant calls for restructuring. While there is a near consensus on the need to restructure Nigeria, there is even a wider chasm among the stakeholders on how and when restructuring should occur. Dr. Udo serves up a geopolitical sustainability literary gem that should be required reading for Nigerian stakeholders interested in the progress and overall wellbeing of the country both now and in the future.

"Writing from a place of unrelenting patriotism for his homeland, Victor outlines his framework of Comprehensive Sustainable Development Planning and Implementation (CSDPI) praxis, through which Nigeria’s structural, leadership and development challenges can be overcome to exceed the 17 UN SDGs.

"Often referred to as the Giant of Africa, Nigeria is the most populous country on the continent and the seventh most populous country in the world. With more than 90 million of its population under the age of eighteen and the world's eighth-largest oil producer, Nigeria should be a major force in the global political economy. But its success has been undermined by decades of ethnic and religious conflicts, political instability and rife corruption due to the lack of equity, proper structure and transformational leadership. 

"Dr. Udo relies on his governance, infrastructure management and sustainable development expertise in making a passionate call for his fellow patriots to arise with action. He illuminates the resiliency of the nearly 200 million Nigerians as a vast unrealized potential. Victor masterfully examined the operational and administrative fragmentations in contemporary Nigeria. He offers a 10 Point Agenda as a path forward that will elevate his homeland and establish it as a unified global force in which all citizens can prosper under 10 to 12 decentralized governance units in a Federated Nigerian Nations (FNN)."

Published by Fulton Books, Victor Udo’s book is a well-written critical social inquiry best read by Nigerian students, lawmakers, civil servants, diplomats, friends and stakeholders.

The author hopes to guide readers towards participating in governance and public policy-making processes as operational citizens. He advocates the adoption and adaptation of the emerging decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization technologies and behavioral changes that will help to transform Nigeria for equity and sustainability.

Readers who wish to experience this profound work can purchase “Which Way Nigeria?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books


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