Walt Prothero's New Book 'The Fair Chase Chronicles' is a Thrilling Collection of Stories That Explore How Hunting Must Change in the Modern Age if It is to Survive

Fulton Books author Walt Prothero, who teaches university writing and biology and has worked as a wildlife research biologist and served as editors at Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield and Wild Sheep magazines, has completed his most recent book "The Fair Chase Chronicles": a thought-provoking read that examines the state of hunting and the obstacles that must be overcome if the sport of hunting is to remain relevant and alive in a modern world.

"The first part of this book deals with ethics and philosophy of modern hunting, and what hunters must do today to keep hunting alive tomorrow, including fair-chase hunting. The first part of the book is also liberally sprinkled with hunting anecdotes, the oldest form of human communication," writes Prothero.

"The second portion of the book consists of hunting stories, all with a common theme—fair-chase hunting. If hunting is to survive into the 21st century, it must evolve as humans have evolved. Of course, the reader may read a story simply for the enjoyment. [I have] graced the masthead of Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield and Wild Sheep magazines and readers of such magazines are seldom interested in ethics or philosophy.

"The short narratives in this tome are as taut and adrenaline-pumping as any novel, and few readers will yawn at stalking man-eating crocodiles; at charging grizzlies and elephants; of solo expeditions into the Far-North wilderness; of chasing polar bears by dogsled on the Arctic Ocean icepack."

Published by Fulton Books, Walt Prothero's book will captivate audiences everywhere as they follow along on various hunting expeditions, facing off against dangerous game in the pursuit of the hunt. Ultimately, Prothero provides an eye-opening analysis of hunting, and how it can continue to thrive and serve communities throughout the world.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase "The Fair Chase Chronicles" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books